26 June is the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. With our 26 June Global Campaign, we seek to facilitate action by local groups and organisations across the world who work every day to support victims of torture and ill-treatment.

IRCT member centres and others who join our global efforts, call for an end to the horrific practice of torture and for full rehabilitation for all victims. Some organisations campaign for their national governments to ratify the UN Convention against Torture or adopt legislation prohibiting torture and guaranteeing the right to rehabilitation. Others highlight the specific ways in which torture takes place in their country and the urgent need for implementation of existing legislation to deliver justice and rehabilitation services to victims.

In recent years, more than a hundred organisations from every region of the world have organised a string of events and activities including conference, workshops, theatre and dance performances, football matches and marches in the street. Many of them use our free campaign kit and take part in the 26 June photo contest, where the best photos from the day are highlighted in the annual 26 June Global Report.

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26 June

Global Campaign on the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

“The act of torture supports and encourages a system of impunity. It can take years before the perpetrator is brought to justice, but rehabilitation gives victims the necessary strength to wait for this justice.”

- Olga Sadovskaya, Deputy chair of the Committee Against Torture

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