As a network governed by its more than 160 members in 76 countries, we are providing a strong global platform and voice for the rehabilitation movement. We are continually improving our working methodologies, to become a cohesive movement promoting the right to rehabilitation together.


As a membership organisation, the members are guiding the direction of the IRCT. All key processes are developed through consultation and by decision of the members. Our democratic governance structure ensures that IRCT members have ownership of IRCT’s overall strategy, policies and projects of the organisation.

The basic organ of the IRCT is the General Assembly, in which each member is represented. It elects the Council as the main policy organ with 26 representatives from the membership and three independent experts. The Executive Committee, composed a one member from each region, oversees and guides the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Structural support is provided by the General Secretariat, based in Copenhagen. The Secretariat services all members worldwide and implements the Strategy and policies, as set out in the Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

You find an overview of the current members of the Executive Committee, Council and and the Secretariat here.


Our policies represent the voice of the world’s largest membership-based organisation in the field of torture rehabilitation, and address the issues critical to the global membership. They significantly further IRCT’s mission, and denote a clear path on addressing  gaps in the fight against torture. The latest policy adopted by the IRCT is the Mexico Consensus, which establishes an ambitious agenda for the long-term sustainability of the torture rehabilitation movement and a series of conditions under which states must provide victims with access rehabilitation services.

IRCT General Assembly Resolutions


IRCT Council Declarations

Global Campaign - 26 June

26 June is the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. With our 26 June Global Campaign, we seek to facilitate action by local groups and organisations across the world who work every day to support victims of torture and ill-treatment.

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